J.D. (left) and Rich (right)

Rebecca (left) and Madeline (right)



Rich Weissman



Palm Springs, California

San Francisco, California

Black Butte Ranch, Central Oregon

Since selling his tech company (which he founded and owned, and from which he retired in 2015), Rich now dedicates his expertise, time and resources to serving others, heavily focused in the areas of human rights for LGBTQ people, women, people of color, religious minorities (including Jews, Muslims and other non-Christian religious groups), immigrants and other minority groups, as well as for animal rights and rescue. Rich is also involved in music, both as a musical theater writer and as a singer. Rich writes his own blog (RichPost) and has contributed many articles to the HuffPost, writing on political and other issues, and providing film/theater reviews from an analytic/social science perspective.

Career (from most current):

DMA -  President, CEO and Owner

Bank of America - Senior Vice President, Marketing Director

US Bank - Senior Vice President, Marketing Director

National Westminster Bank USA - Senior Vice President, Marketing Director

EMA Research and Consulting - Consultant

Hillside-LIJ Hospital - Graduate Intern in Psychiatric Division

Education (from most current):

Stanford University, California - Marketing Management Program

NYU, New York - Ph.D. Program, graduate and undergraduate degrees (Summa Cum Laude,  Phi Beta Kappa, Psi Chi) 

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel - First year undergraduate studies

Tel Aviv University, Israel - Mechina Preparatory Program

Wheatley High School, Long Island, New York  

Spouse - J.D. Horn

Children - Rebecca and Madeline Weissman

Dog - Kirby (Chihuahua rescue)

Cell - 503.250.4545  

Email - rweissman@hotmail.com

​Facebook - Rich Weissman