Rich Weissman



Palm Springs (Andreas Hill), California

San Francisco (Nob Hill), California

Black Butte Ranch (Cascade Mountains), Oregon

Since selling his fintech company in 2014, which he founded, based on providing cutting-edge analytic methods to understand risk in financial services institutions (banks, credit unions, insurance and other companies), and leaving in 2015 after transitioning the CEO role, Rich now dedicates his expertise, time and resources to serving others through his charitable fund and other activities to promote human rights. He focuses in the areas of human rights for LGBTQ people, women, people of color, religious minorities (including Jews, Muslims and other non-Christian religious groups), immigrants and other minority groups, as well as for animal rights and rescue. Rich also currently works as a volunteer data scientist with The Center For New Data, an organization providing sophisticated analytics to fight voter suppression. He is also volunteering and supporting three political campaigns: Pennsylvania State Representative Malcolm Kenyatta (D) who is running for U.S. Senate for Pennsylvania, N.Y. Congressman Ritchie Torres (D), and N.Y. Congressman Mondaire Jones (D). These three young, gay, black (and Latino) men represent new faces in D.C. for our nation's future. Rich also sits of the executive board on the Del Shores Foundation, which provides support and venues for new southern writers in theater, film and television, and whose work can change the LGBTQ landscape. Rich is also involved in music, both as a musical theater writer and as a singer and piano player. Rich writes his own blog (RichPost) and has contributed many articles to the HuffPost, writing on political and other issues, and providing film/theater reviews from an analytic/social science perspective.

Rich's husband, J.D. Horn, is the internationally acclaimed writer of fiction in Southern gothic and horror/fantasy genres. With eight books published, some of which in eight languages throughout the world, J.D. is a top selling author. He recently started his own publishing company, Curious Blue Press, and has published three new works this year - anthologies of new short stories of witches ("Good Southern Witches"), ghosts ("December Tales"), and horror stories originally written in French (translated by J.D.) from the mid 1800's through the 1930's), all from  well-known contemporary short story writers, many new writers, and writers from previous centuries. Prior to becoming a writer, J.D. worked in Mergers and Acquisitions, Finance and Accounting at large corporations, including Microsoft, and holds an M.B.A. in International Finance and Accounting. He also has race bibs from two full marathons and over thirty half marathons, and plays the flute and piccolo.   



The Richard Norris Weissman Charitable Fund - Director

The Center For New Data - Volunteer Data Scientist

Political Activist for Important Election Campaigns - Volunteer


DMA - President, CEO and Founder


Bank of America/BAC - Senior Vice President, Director of Marketing

U.S. Bank/U.S. Bancorp - Senior Vice President, Director of Marketing

National Westminster Bank USA - Senior Vice President, Director of Marketing

EMA Research - Research Project Manager

Hillside-LIJ Hospital - Graduate Intern in Psychiatric Division


Educational Focus: Quantitative Analytics, Statistics, Behavioral Research in the Social Sciences

Stanford University, California - Marketing Management Program

NYU, New York - Ph.D. Program, 2 Master's Degrees, Undergraduate Degree (Summa Cum Laude,  Phi Beta Kappa, Psi Chi) 

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel - First Year Undergraduate Studies - Israeli Social Sciences

Tel Aviv University, Israel - Mechina Preparatory Program - Hebrew and Jewish Studies

Wheatley High School, East Williston Public Schools, Long Island, New York  

Rich's spouse, J.D. Horn, their two incredible daughters (photos below in their law school graduation gowns), and their elder daughter with her fiance (who is an ER/ICU physician), to be married soon. 
Both daughters passed the California Bar and are litigators in top tier law firms. Also pictured below is Rich and J.D.'s Chihuahua rescue dog. Rich's sister is Nancy Weissman Frisch, and she and her two children, and son-in-law live in Portland, Oregon.

J.D. (left) and Rich (right)

Rich and J.D.'s home at Black Butte Ranch in the Oregon Cascade Mountains with wild elk,

horses, cattle, wild deer, wild geese, wild turkeys, and other wildlife and vegetation/plant life 
(note: no mistreatment or hunting/killing of animals, birds or fish - or logging - on the ranch)