Inspiration. Activism. Communication. Engagement.

“Don’t accept what is. Instead, design a new paradigm and work to make it happen.”
  - Rich Weissman

"So stand up. Speak out. When hatred shouts, silence constitutes endorsement."

  - J.D. Horn

In fall 2017, Rich and J.D. established a charitable fund. All contributions are and will be exclusively from Rich and J.D. and they are not looking for others to contribute. This vehicle operates as a 501-C3, without overhead. 100% of all funds go directly to the supported organizations and programs.

The mission of The Richard Norris Weissman Charitable Fund is to support organizations and activities that actively empower those under attack in the current environment of intolerance, ensuring equal access and human rights for all minorities, focused heavily on LGBTQ rights. As an additional component, the fund's charitable giving supports animal rights and rescue, to ensure their safety and humane treatment as part of a civilized society.

In addition to the Richard Norris Weissman Charitable Fund, Rich and J.D. actively support various political groups and candidates who are in alignment with the goals stated above. These political activities and donations are typically outside of the 501-C3 charitable fund, and donations are made personally from Rich and J.D. and not through the fund.

In July, 2023, Rich formed a new organization, Ibis Group Institute, a think-tank/center of excellence to help Democratic LGBTQ+ candidates win elections by embracing a new paradigm for political campaigns that is strategy-focused and data-driven (www.ibisgroupinstitute.com). Ibis is the ancient Egyptian symbol (the bird) of  wisdom, knowledge, and communication. The Institute provides strategic guidance to candidates to connect them with experts from corporate, academic, and related backgrounds at no cost (all members of the Institute are volunteers). The Institute is working with the Equality PAC, the political arm of the Congressional Equality Caucus (the LGBTQ+ Congressional caucus in the U.S. House and U.S. Senate). The Institute’s goal is to work with a handful of vetted candidates running for Congressional office during the 2024 election cycle, expanding its capacity to support more candidates over time. Rich sits on the Ibis Group Institute Leadership Team.  

Recent events hosted at the home of Rich and J.D. or with Rich and J.D. as co-hosts:

September, 2022 - Annual Palm Springs Dinner at the home of Rich and J.D. for the national LGBTQ Congressional Caucus, with private meeting with Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and event speakers Congresspeople Hakeem Jeffries, Maxine Waters, and others, with LGBTQ Congresspeople from throughout the nation, LGBTQ candidates nationally, and national supporters/major donors, consisting of 200+ people attending the dinner to support the LGBTQ Congressional Caucus.     

Spring/Summer 2022 - Special fundraisers at the homes of Rich and J.D. in Palm Springs and in San Francisco for Jewish Supporters of Will Rollins for Congress, San Francisco for Pete (Buttigieg) for Will Rollins for Congress, and other groups.

Co-Sponshorship Events Spring/Summer/Fall 2022 - Rich and J.D. were co-sponsors for other fundraisers for Will Rollins for Congress, including Equality California/LGBTQ Victory Fund event, Senator Barbara Boxer event, and many others.

Rich and J.D. donated significant contributions and efforts to the following 2022 campaigns and 2020 organizations:

- Will Rollins for U.S. Congress 

- Ritchie Torres for U.S. Congress

- Mondaire Jones for U.S. Congress

- Jon Hoadley for Congress
- Malcolm Kenyatta for U.S. Senate

- Pete Buttigieg for President (Primary) 2020 - Palm Springs for Pete; San Francisco for Pete (Rich was one of the key leaders in 

   both of these groups, raising a significant portion of the Buttigieg for President campaign)

- Joe Biden/Kamala Harris for President/Vice President 2020 (General)

- Entrepreneurs for Democracy effort for bringing together CEO's to work on progressive issues, efforts and candidates

- Pete Buttigieg's "Win the Era" effort for supporting young progressive candidates and the youth vote

- Voter Participation Center effort for increasing voter registration and voter engagement

- Focus 2020/2022 for increasing voter engagement in black areas in Philadelphia to ensure a Biden win in Pennsylvania

- Stacey Abrams' "Fair Fight" effort for supporting efforts to fight voter suppression

- Emily's List effort for supporting progressive women candidates and the women's vote

- HRC's (Human Rights Campaign) "Get Out The Vote" effort for supporting LGBTQ candidates and the LGBTQ/allies' vote

- Black Voters Matter effort for supporting the black vote and to fight voter suppression

- NAACP's "Mobilize Black Voters" effort for supporting the black vote and to fight voter suppression

- VoteVets effort for supporting progressive veteran candidates and the veteran vote

- ACLU effort for fighting voter suppression

- ADL (Anti-Defamation League) effort for supporting the Jewish vote and to fight voter suppression

And, Rich and J.D. donated to each of the following 2020 Democratic U.S. Senate races against Republican incumbents in states where there was the greatest possibility to flip, so as to obtain a majority Democratic U.S. Senate:

-  Arizona Special - Mark Kelly 
-  Colorado - John Hickenlooper 
-  Iowa - Theresa Greenfield 
-  Maine - Sara Gideon 
-  Montana - Steve Bullock 
-  North Carolina - Cal Cunningham 
-  Alabama - Doug Jones
-  Alaska - Al Gross
-  Georgia Special - Jon Ossoff 
-  Georgia Special - Raphael Warnock 
-  Kansas - Barbara Bollier 
-  Kentucky - Amy McGrath 
-  South Carolina - Jamie Harrison
-  Texas - MJ Hegar 

On a local level in Palm Springs, 2022, Rich and J.D. have donated to:

- Scott Nevins, Palm Springs City Council

- Ron De Harte, Palm Springs City Council

​- Jeffrey Bernstein, Palm Springs City Council 


Rich and J.D. also hold political/charitable events at their San Francisco home:


KEY ​​​​FUND RECIPIENTS (some are outside of the fund as they are not 501-C3 organizations)

-  Matthew Shepard Foundation

-  Prescott Preserve (Palm Springs)

-  Palm Springs Animal Shelter (Palm Springs Rescue group that rescued little Daisy)

-  San Diego Chihuahua Rescue

-  Rocket Dog Rescue (Bay Area Dog Rescue group that rescued little Kirby) 

-  Animal Samaritans 

​-  LGBT Community Center of the Desert 

-  The Del Shores Foundation
-  Planned Parenthood 
-  NCLR (National Center For Lesbian Rights) 
-  DAP (Desert Aids Project) Partners For Life Contributors and COVID Triage Center 
-  HRC (Human Rights Campaign) Federal Club
-  HRC (Human Rights Campaign) HRC "HER" Event Sponsor
-  Emily's List (Supporting Progressive Women Candidates) Supporter 

-  LGBTQ Victory Fund (Supporting LGBTQ Candidates) 
 Sanctuary Palm Springs

-  Palm Springs Dance Festival Diversity Showcase Sponsor 

-  Shades and Shadows Underwriter 

-  Palm Springs Cultural Center 

​-  Freedom To Marry (Freedom To Marry Event) 

-  ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) 

-  Human Dignity Coalition Central Oregon 

​-  San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus Lavender Pen Tour 

-  Anti-Defamation League

-  Equality California

-  Oswit Land Trust (Purchasing land that houses wildlife for preservation and endangered species)

​​In addition, when the charitable fund began, J.D. donated 100% of his net royalties (paid royalties less agent commission) for all book sales made in the month of September, 2017 to the following charities: 

-  Human Rights Campaign
-  Southern Poverty Law Center 
-  Lambda Legal
-  The Trevor Project 
-  EMILY's List
-  Anti-Defamation League